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We are at the dawn of the tech age and everything you ever wanted is accessible at the touch of screen. This is where NICHE LAB fits in. NICHE LAB is your new favorite hub for all things "Neat". Are you tired of seeing all those cool ad's on social media and relentlessly scrolling past, knowing you will never order something? Are you worried you may get scammed by random Facebook ads?
We are proud to offer you a one stop shop where you can skip the hassle of scrolling through random websites to find the items you want, all from a trusted retailer. ​By offering only the highest quality of products from retailers we love and trust, we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with your purchase. Whatever unique or specific item you’re looking for, we’re confident you’ll find exactly what you need at NICHE LAB.

We are focused solely on our customers experience and look forward to hearing what you have to say. Whether it's new product we should pick up or ways we can improve, let us know! 

What are you waiting for? Start browsing the Lab today for a unique shopping experience.

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Watercolor Paint


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Holly HouseCat

Paintings, Clothing, & Art Prints

'Love the life you live and live the life you love.'

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