Can Ripper

Can Ripper

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1. Our bare can opener is a bar tool designed to remove the top of almost all cans, thereby enhancing your drinking experience.

2. Innovative design safely removes the top without sharp edges. It can be used in most beverage cans of 8-19 ounces, and can be used well in domestic and imported canned beverages, iced coffee, soda water and so on.

3. Remove the top to pour water without interruption. Throw away the cup and drink directly from the jar.

4. It becomes easier to add your favorite canned drinks. Add a little citrus or other.

5. By removing the entire top, it can let your nose enjoy the of the drink. Enhance the flavor and let you enjoy.

6. It is very suitable for those who are proficient in skills and quick-minded people, but also for those who just want to play alcohol games.

7. Just click the closed handle to store it safely, and then slide it into the pocket to carry it with you.

8. In addition, there is a metal beer bottle opener above the can opener, which can be drawn out and used, whether it is a can or a beer bottle, this item can be easily handled.

1 Can Opener included