ROCKBROS Photochromic Bike Shades

ROCKBROS Photochromic Bike Shades


Product Details

Name: ROCKBROS Cycling Photochromatic Glasses
Gender: Unisex
Attributes Lenses: Photochromatic
Color: Black Red, Blue
Weight: Only 29g
Lens height: About 5cm
Lens width: About 15.5cm
Material: TR frame+PC rubber temple+Photochromatic lens

Product Features

1. PC photochromic lens + TAC polarized lens
2. Adjustable nose pads
3. The photochromic lens can change its color with the change of the intensity of external ultraviolet rays
4. Polarized lens can effectively filter harmful light in the environment and block the reflected glare
5. Colorful coating technology
6. Pneumatic vent design
7. 100% UV Protection


1. Color change time: winter-1 minute, summer-40 seconds.
2. Speed depends on sunlight and UV intensity!
3. The r